Protect yourself

If you have had the vaccine, there are various benefits, including benefits to you yourself. Because all the vaccines that are currently authorised for use will protect you from getting infected with the virus. And even if you do end up getting ill, the course of the disease will probably not be very serious. Contracting the disease can also result in you building up immunity against Covid. However, it may be that you become seriously ill, the recovery period can be long and there may also be lasting effects. We call this "long Covid"

Protect your family and friends

If you get vaccinated, this will also help other people. For example, your family and friends. Because the vaccine may even prevent you from infecting other people.

No tests

If the ‘3G’ rules (vaccinated, tested, recovered) apply, you don’t need to get tested if going to places such as the hairdresser, gym or cinema.
You can also travel more freely and, depending on your destination, may not have to quarantine upon your return to Germany.

Incidentally: Rapid COVID-19 tests will once again be free of charge from 15 November. Everyone in Germany is entitled to have a rapid test taken by trained staff at least once a week – regardless of whether they are unvaccinated, vaccinated or recovered. Anyone who has symptoms should have a PCR test taken by a doctor. The costs for this are borne by the health insurance funds.

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