What is the ‘booster’ shot?

‘Booster’ is the term used to describe the top-up vaccination against COVID-19. This additional vaccination is taken once you have received two prior doses of the BioNTech, AstraZeneca or Moderna vaccines (or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine). The booster tops up and significantly rebuilds your body’s defences against COVID-19.

Why is the booster shot a good idea?

A booster shot is a good idea and an important way of optimally protecting yourself against severe illness from COVID-19.
Studies have shown that COVID-19 vaccines can wane over time, especially in older people or the immunocompromised. As COVID-19 is very infectious, however, it is important to ensure the body has enough antibodies to defend against the virus. This is achieved by the booster, as it regenerates these antibodies.

When can and should I get my booster shot?

Given how dynamic the infection situation is at the moment, and based on the latest scientific findings, mRNA boosters (BioNTech or Moderna) are now available to anyone aged 18 and over who received their first two doses at least three months ago. According to the Standing Committee on Vaccination, the booster shot should generally be taken at the following intervals:

Those who received two doses of BioNTech, Moderna or AstraZeneca as their primary doses should get their booster 3 months later.
Those who received one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine can get start getting their booster 4 weeks later.

Boosters also recommended for those who have recovered from previous COVID-19 infection

Adults aged 18 and over who have previously been infected with COVID-19 should also get a booster between 4 weeks and 6 months after their COVID-19 symptoms have disappeared.

Persons who have previously been infected with COVID-19 and then received a vaccine should generally get a booster three months after their vaccination.

Which vaccines are being used for the booster shot?

Which vaccines are being used for the booster shot?
The mRNA vaccines, better known as BioNTech (Pfizer) and Moderna, are being used for the booster shot.

The Moderna vaccine is only offered to people at least 30 years of age. Younger people should take the BioNTech booster.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women who took BioNTech as their primary dose should also get BioNTech as their booster.

In general, the BioNTech and Moderna vaccines are very similar. Various studies to date have shown that Moderna may even be slightly more effective.

Where can I get my booster shot?

You can get your booster shot from your doctor, company medical officer, at vaccination centres, at mobile vaccination appointments or as part of special booster drives.

All booster appointments and options in Kempten and the Oberallgäu district can be found here:

Does the booster shot cost anything?

No. Like all other COVID-19 vaccinations, the booster shot is free of charge.

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