In general, everyone should get the vaccine. However, there are some people who cannot have it – namely, women in the first trimester of pregnancy, children under twelve years of age and people who have a weak immune system. To ensure that these persons have a low risk of getting infected, it is important that everyone else gets vaccinated. We call this herd immunity.

In the meantime, young people from the age of 12 years, women in the second trimester of pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers can now also get vaccinated.

Children aged between 5 and 11 are now recommended to get vaccinated if they meet certain criteria, such as if they have certain pre-existing illnesses or if they are in contact with people at high risk from severe COVID-19 (e.g. very old people or people who cannot get vaccinated for specific reasons).

However, children without pre-existing illnesses can also get vaccinated if their parents or guardians wish. In this case, a preliminary discussion with a doctor is recommended. The special Comirnarty children’s vaccine made by BioNTech is used for this vaccination.

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