What will happen at your vaccination appointment? Step-by-step explanation

Most important: the vaccination is free-of-charge.

The administrative authorities of the district of Oberallgäu and the city of Kempten offer vaccination in their vaccination centres, in the vaccination point in Kempten, in the vaccination bus and through their mobile teams.

You can get your first, second or booster shot at our mobile vaccination stations, whereby the booster vaccination should be administered at the earliest six months after the second shot and following consultation with a doctor.

Please bring your personal ID and vaccination record with you.

If you wish to get vaccinated at the vaccination centre in Sonthofen (formerly the Grüntenkaserne barracks, Salzweg 24), the vaccination centre in Kempten (formerly the artillery barracks, Kaufbeurer Strasse 80) or the vaccination station in Kempten (Bahnhofstrasse 13), you will have to book an appointment online beforehand. Appointments can only be booked at impfzentren.bayern. You may have to re-register even if you have already registered in the past.

The procedure is basically the same in all cases:

You arrive and your body temperature will be measured Step 1

As soon as you arrive, a member of staff will measure your body temperature. Because you cannot be given the vaccine if you have an elevated temperature, a fever or any other cold/flu symptoms. But you can come back at any time and get your free-of-charge vaccine.

You wait for your turn Step 2

You will then be asked to sit down and wait until it is your turn. You can use the time to get out your ID card and your vaccination certificate. When it is your turn, a member of staff will ask you to come through.

You register and your paperwork is checked Step 3

You will then need to show your ID card and your vaccination certificate. The member of staff will check whether everything is in order. They may ask you questions if there are any issues to clarify.

You fill in the information sheet Step 4

Now it's time to fill in some forms. The forms you are given will depend on the type of vaccine you are getting. For example, you will need to enter the fact that you are healthy and you will also enter details of any medication that you are taking. If you have any questions, speak to a member of staff – they will be happy to help you to fill in the forms.

You discuss the vaccination with the doctor who will be giving you the vaccine Step 5

The doctor will explain the potential risks and will tell you about the possible side effects. You can also ask questions at this point. The doctor will also ask you again whether you are feeling well.

You are given the vaccine against Covid-19 Schritt 6

Time for the jab! The doctor will inject the vaccine into your upper arm and will stick a small plaster over the wound.

You sit quietly for 15 minutes Step 7


You should then sit and wait for 15 minutes to make sure that you are feeling okay. Take careful note of how you are feeling. If you feel unwell or you notice anything strange or unusual, tell a member of staff immediately. In case of an emergency, they and the doctors will be there immediately to treat you.

You receive your proof Step 8

Next you will be given a piece of paper with a QR code on it and your vaccination certificate. In your vaccination certificate you will find a sticker and also a stamp and a signature. This is your evidence that you have had the vaccine. And you also have the piece of paper with the QR code on it so that you won't always have to carry your vaccination certificate around with you. Scan the code with the CovPass or Corona-Warn-App to store it on your smartphone. If anyone asks for evidence that you have had the vaccine, they can simply scan the QR code.

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